Applications are currently being accepted for 911 Public Communications Officer (Dispatcher)

Dear Candidate,

The Prineville Police Department/ 911 Dispatch Center is a progressive, dedicated agency made up of honest, hardworking individuals pledged to making our community the best possible place to live, work and play.  The 911 Dispatch Center has a staff consisting of a Communications Director, two supervisors, six full-time Public Communications Officers and one support staff member.

We are seeking applicants for the position of Public Communications Officer.  If you qualify as a Public Communications Officer, please take this opportunity to apply.  The City of Prineville offers a competitive salary and an excellent benefits package.


911 Public Communications Officer (Dispatcher)

Base Salary $3,717 per month

Maximum $4,617 with incentives

Deadline to apply

March 2, 2015



For more information please click to view this Employment Opportunity Announcement.


Applications can be submitted online by visiting the City of Prineville Website.

Emergency Vehicle Operators Course

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Multiple Law Enforcement agencies from around Central Oregon participated in two-days of Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (EVOC) Training.  Trainers and participants alike took advantage of the real-world, winter weather conditions in Prineville making for a successful and informative training experience.


Neighborhood Clean-Up

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The Neighborhood Clean-Up held January 23rd – 25th in the area of SE 4th and Belknap Streets was a great success, and resulted in 10,661 pounds of garbage and debris being removed from an approximate 4 block radius. The Prineville Police Department wishes to thank the citizens of these neighborhoods for their hard work. We also wish to thank our community partners, Prineville Disposal and the Habitat for Humanity organization. We plan to hold several more clean-up throughout the year.

If anyone would like to help sponsor or lend a hand at future clean-up, please contact Community Service Officer James Young at

Thank you to the community for making this event a great success!


ppd        HABITAT FOR HUMANITY        pville disposal 







Vision and Mission Statement


Pride and integrity in community service. Through partnership with the community,

the Prineville Police Department is to provide professional, courteous and dedicated

service to the citizens of Prineville to create a safe environment for all.



The Prineville Police Department has a well-deserved reputation for pride,

professionalism and integrity in service to our community. The Prineville Police

Department is dedicated to the idea of a partnership with our community in

preventing crime, the fear of crime and solving neighborhood problems. The

Prineville Police Department continually strives to understand the needs and

expectations of the community. The Prineville Police Department always strives

to meet the community needs by holding to the highest of standards and placing

those needs above our own.